Supporting the Southeast Library System

The Southeast Library System supports area libraries and staff in many ways. We grow professionally through System programs and save money by participating in group purchases and grants. We participate in peer networks encouraged by SELS and we rely on System staff for professional support in difficult times.  SELS continues to be an exemplary system among systems, with staff members who are not afraid to tackle difficult issues and who will speak out when needed.  They model what they teach by holding leadership positions in a variety of organizations. We can be proud of SELS!

Unfortunately, like most of our libraries, the System must zero out their budget at the end of their budget cycle.  This means that money cannot accumulate to fund large projects.  Many of our libraries deal with this stumbling block by forming a Friends of the Library group, and now the System has done the same.

SELS Friends, a subsidiary of the Southeast Library System, is a vehicle to collect funds for System projects which go beyond the scope of their regular budget.

Thank you for considering this chance to give back to SELS, a gift that will eventually return to you in enhanced System services!