Grant Program

The SELS Friends are pleased to announce a grant program for SELS Member Libraries.  We want to help with costs associated with repairing unexpected physical damage to your library.  Libraries may apply at any time during the year, since no one knows when an emergency might arise!

Examples of situations this money is meant to help with include contractor payments to repair storm or water damage, damage from fire, vandalism, etc., to your library building or exterior book drop.  The money could also go towards insurance deductible payments.  These funds are not meant for normal maintenance costs, collection replacement even if due to storm or fire damage, in-kind expenses, library staff time, or to compensate for repairs done by other City departments.

The SELS Friends will designate up to 5% of their bank balance as of each July 1st for this program, as long as their bank balance is at least $5,000.  This first year there will be up to $500 available, if needed.  The amount of grant money available is dependent on the number of grant requests awarded and the funds so designated in any given year.  Payment details will be worked out upon the awarding of the grant.

To apply for grant funding, please email the following information to OR mail to the Southeast Library System office:

  • Library Name
  • Library Director’s Name and contact information
  • Pictures and a brief description of the damage, including its cause
  • General description of needed repairs, including an estimated timeline for repairs and a total budget estimate, including items not covered by the grant
  • Quote(s) for repair costs from contractor(s)
  • The amount of grant money requested

Applications will be reviewed by the SELS Friends Board of Directors, with input from the Executive Director of the SELS.  The Board’s decision will be communicated with the Library Director as soon as possible.

If you are approved for grant funding, upon completion of the repair and to receive the money, remit the following to OR mail to the Southeast Library System office:

  • copies of actual invoices (contractor or insurance deductible paperwork) totaling at least the amount of the grant
  • a short blurb of how the grant money has helped your library, to be used on the SELS Friends website and in the SELS newsletter
  • pictures of the completed repair (may be used online or in the SELS newsletter)

All decisions of the SELS Friends Board of Directors are final.